Official announcement! T-Security Inc. anti-counterfeiting technology won the double award of 2018 "Blue Shield Cup"!

On 17-18 October 2018, T-Security Inc. was invited to participate in the 13th ticketing and security technology exhibition and summit forum which was initiated by the China National Defense Technology Association and the Securities Card Ticket Forum Organizing Committee. T-Security Inc. has won double awards:

  1. Security and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Application Achievement Award
  2. Excellent application cases in the field of commodity and brand protection and traceability

These awards are not only a recognition of T-Security Inc.' s outstanding performance in technical aspects but also a recognition of the contribution T-Security has achieved in protecting brands' benefit and consumers' experience.


About Blue Shield Cup

In order to promote innovation and application of security and anti-counterfeiting technology, we commend the technological innovation and application of outstanding enterprises in the industry. The "Blue Shield Cup" is sponsored by the China International Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology and Ticket Technology Forum.

The award is the highest achievement in the field of security in China. Since the first selection in 2010, it has gained influence in the industry. The participants have increased year by year and become an important activity in the field of security control.

The fourth in the picture, counting from the left, is T-Security Inc. Beijing branch manager, Mr. Zheng Junzhi


This year, the engraving gravure and laser holographic hot stamping technology exhibited by T-Security Inc. have been highly recognized by industry experts and enterprises, and won the highest safety and security award in China: “Safety and Anti-counterfeiting Technology Application Achievement Award”.

The second in the picture, counting from the right, is T-Security Inc. Vice President of the Greater China, Mr. Shen Feng Ming


Once again, T-Security Inc. would like to thank the organizers for their full affirmation to T-Security Inc. At the same time, we also appreciate the majority of brand owners for their support to T-Security Inc. In the future, T-Security Inc. will make persistent efforts to create greater value for brand owners and pursue better solutions.