Difficult to manage channels

Can you pinpoint the price dumping channels (such as online auction)?

The stability of market price is an important fact that affects the reliability of bands among consumers, but distributors often self-operate market price due to sales performance. This causes a priceable market price. Nowadays, online shopping is prevalent. This situation is endless in Taobao and auctions, resulting in brand management difficulties and market price confusion.

Do you want to reduce the commotion in price caused by parallel imports?

Profitability and price stability is especially critical when brands enter the market. However, there will always be some counterfeiters looking for some informal pipelines in order to buy cheaper products. This will affect the stability of the market more or less, and increase the difficulty for a brand to operate in the market.

Do you want to avoid complaints caused by cross-region sales?

The relationship between brand owners and dealers is very subtle. In order to promote business, the brand cooperates with regional dealers and make them in charge of sales and service respectively. However, some dealers will sell products across regions without permission for their own sales performance and interests. This will not only hurt the stability of the market price but also make it difficult to manage for the brand.