T-Security and Process Group organized a seminar on "Brand Building - Brand Construction and Brand Protection"

On 22 September 2016, T-Security Inc. and Swiss Process had organized a seminar on the topic of “Brand Building- Brand Construction and Brand Protection” at the Peninsular Bay Creative Park in Hongkou District.

The main axis of the seminar was divided into two parts, which are brand construction and brand protection.


The brand construction was shared by the director of the Swiss Process, Mr. Wu Xiaopei. Mr. Wu talked about brand positioning, brand designing, shopper experience and marketing promotion through European and Asian cases. Attendees were able to understand the basic operation of building a brand.

Brand protection was shared by the assistant manager of T-Security Inc. Ms. Chen Yixiu. She shared with the attendees the concept of the subtle relationship between brands, consumers and counterfeiters. Balancing and controlling the subtle relationship can help turn over the cons of counterfeits and use them to bring benefits to brands.


T-Security constantly ponders new trends and issues in the market and works with customers to improve brand protection and sustain the life of brands.