Miaoli Houlong Watermelon adds QR Code anti-counterfeit label


Houlong is a town in Miaoli County and known for its watermelon. The watermelon is large, round and tastes crispy and juicy. It is well-known throughout Taiwan and attracts many consumers.

Last year, the Houlong Town Office first promoted the anti-counterfeiting label of watermelon production. The QR Code was added to the label this year.


By scanning the QR code, consumers can easily find out which farm and who took care of the melon. Just like each watermelon has an identity card. This will also prevent other degraded products from entering the market.

In addition, Houlong Town Office will also hold the Dragon Summer Watermelon Festival in June, which will provide the public a chance to taste the watermelons and increase the interaction among Houlong citizens.